Chapter 14

The next conspiracy theory concocted by Bill and Jill our senior citizens from Oz is a crazy one like all the other theories they came up with!

Everybody has heard about Bombies, the mythological undead corporeal revenants created through the reanimation of corpses.

They came into “existence” during the Stone Age but at that stage they were dumb, and those Neanderthal people just cut the heads of the dead people and buried the heads separately from the bodies. Usually, they will put a huge stone over the burial site to prevent the dead from rising and becoming Bombies…

Chapter 13

Bill and Jill decided to move north of Britney in a coastal area surrounded by national parks full of evergreen blue gums aka Eucalyptus globulus.

They were going almost daily on long walks through the forest enjoying the tranquillity, the trees, the flowers, and occasionally some fauna: roos, wild turkeys (the bird not the bourbon!), and cockatoos.

In one of those trips, Bill had a distinct feeling that they were being watched but there was nobody there but them and the trees, so Bill started to formulate another conspiracy theory:

All the trees, plants, and the rest of…

Chapter 12

Our heroes Bill and Jill were resting on their porch or veranda smoking clinically approved marihuana and watching their hands becoming huge! At that moment Jill had another vision and came up with the following conspiracy theory called The Baia Hypothesis:

Imagine that planet Burth is a cosmic living superorganism called Baia. All celestial objects are living superorganisms including planets, stars, red dwarfs, black holes (their motto is: BHM, Black Holes Matter!), and galaxies except the Samsung Galaxy series!

Yes, there was something else a celestial called Dark Matter which was not a living organism but a dead…

Chapter 11

Bill and Jill took a holiday in Belson Bay, a beautiful touristic city North of Britney, with fantastic golf full of marine life.

They went for a highly regarded dolphin watching tour in the gulf and it was very exciting. They saw lots and lots of dolphins out of like three pods (a pod has normally 12 dolphins) and those majestic creatures jumped and swam around the boat like they knew that people were filming them and taking photos of all the dolphins.

Jill saw the intelligent sparkle in the dolphins’ eyes and suddenly, she came up with…

Chapter 10

As usual, Bill and Jill came up with another fictional conspiracy theory based on the amount of Shiraz they drank that evening:

For the past 50 years, the weather on Burth was having sudden changes from very hot periods of time to very cold ones.

The politicians/scientists came up with names for the weather phenomenon like global warming (which was contradicted by the very cold phases) and climate change (the climate was changing on Burth since the beginning of time!).

Somebody must be blamed for the weather changes and the politicians/scientists blamed everything on the Burthians activities, industrial…

Chapter 9

By now you should be familiar with Bill and Jill, the elderly happy couple from Britney, the main city of the continent of Oz, planet Burth.

Bill and Jill were in the outback, it was a starry summer night and the Burth satellite Boon was showing its ever-mysterious full boon shape.

Watching the Boon, Jill came up with a new conspiracy theory involving the Boon:

The Boon is hollow, and the underground is populated with an ancient species called Brill-wa. …

Chapter 8

Our old friends Bill and Jill were again entangled in never-ending discussions about the past the future about Guvid-19Bis pandemic and one thing took them to another, and they came up with a new and incredible conspiracy theory:

So, the Burth planet was a flat square celestial object called Squareworld and traveling in the Squareworld universe space.

Not by itself, but on the back of four giant Panda bears named Terillia, Bubul, Great P’Thon, and Aerakeen.

The four Pandas were carried by The Great T’Auin a Giant Star Pangolin from the Bhelys Galactica species, a scaly anteater of…

Chapter 7

When Bill and Jill decided to make a trip to the Bluish Mountains north of the city it was a nice summer day. After two hours’ drive, they arrived at the city of Quatumba home of the famous rock pillars known as The Three Brothers (also colloquially known as The Three Pricks).

Taking the scenic road, they were amazed by the majestic landscape, trees, valleys, and hills and now Jill thought about another brilliant scenario:

Their planet, Burth was not what they saw, blue skies, green forests, and pristine rivers. That was an illusion, a virtual world created…

Chapter 6

Bill and Jill living in Britney, the main city of Oz, after a reinvigorating midday nap, decided to gossip a bit about conspiracy theories and the pandemic. As Jill is the strange one, she came up with the following scenario:

The planet Burth main deity was Bog Almighty the Creator of the Universe and the Father of all Burthians.

Of course, Bog was known under other names across planet Burth like Dudha, Ballah, and Qwanzaa.

When Bog created the Burthians, He gave them free will for the Burthians to use their imagination, talent, and creativity and develop science…

Chapter 5

Our old friends Bill and Jill living in Britney, the main city of Oz, were again enjoying a cuppa on a bright sunny Sunday morning. Bill had this brilliant idea about a new conspiracy theory:

Imagine that Burth was hollow and the Inner Burth was inhabited by Bobbits (for a good reason they called their home Middle Burth!), Felves, Qwarves, Morcs, and Huruk Hais.

The Bobbits were nice people, enjoying their lives, eating, drinking, and smoking their pipes, being happy merry, and gay.

The Felves were magical creatures, living forever and practicing their beneficent magic towards the other…

Ilie Mihut

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