Conspiracy Theory Chronicles

Chapter 4

Bill and Jill were watching the latest news about the Guvid-19bis pandemic and the various vaccines created to fight the virus when Jill has another “vision” aka a new conspiracy theory:

The One Hundred Ones (a syndicate created by and with the top 100 richest people of Burth) decided that tighter control over the Burth population was needed.

The Ones employed Fuayei the largest telecommunications equipment company in Fackina to develop and produce a new nano-chip based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) principles and 100 times smaller than a micron.

Once injected into a human body, the nano-chip will take control of that person's brain, will influence that person’s decisions, will inform its controller about all conversations, emails, messages, and phone calls that person had.

The nano-chip performance was possible via the 5Q technology (fifth generation technology for broadband cellular networks) developed by 3GGP (3rd Generation Global Project).

At that moment in time, the Guvid-19bis pandemic was just a vial of viruses in a lab in Yuhan, Fackina, but the various vaccines against it were produced under the supervision of the One Hundred ones.

The next step was to combine the nano-chip with the vaccines, a procedure which was developed and tested by Fuayei and the big Bharma companies producing the vaccines.

After the new product (nano-vaccine) was successfully tested the next step was to release the Guvid-19bis virus “accidentally” into the world. In no time Burth has a pandemic on its hands or more precisely in its lungs.

Every country was scrambling to find a vaccine against Covid-19bis and guess what, almost like an overnight miracle, in no time three of four vaccines were “discovered”.

Right now, planet Burth is in the process of vaccinating more and more people and in maximum of 2 years the majority of the Burth population will be vaccinated. At that moment, the One Hundred Ones will have the Burthians exactly where they wanted to be, a docile population, executing orders, no violence, no crimes, just plain vanilla Orwell.

Bill and Jill got the jab (vaccine) the other day and a tiny voice in Jill’s head stated telling her: Delete the Chronicles now and forget everything about us!

Of course, the One Hundred Ones does not exist, they were just a figment of Jill’s imagination and…….DELETE!…..DELETE!…. DELETE!